New Digital TV Transmitter for Peregian Beach

Great News for everyone living in the Peregian Springs, Weyba Downs, Peregian Beach area plus all the areas north of Peregian up to Noosa Junction.

The new Digital TV transmitter was erected in Peregian beach last week and actually got activated pretty much straight away. I realigned my first antenna to the new transmitter yesterday the 30th of April and I have one very happy customer who hasn't had any tv signal for many years in the Peregian area.

If you are in any of these areas and you have had good reception in the past then you should find no difference and you don't have to do anything. Although some people have had some interference from the new transmitter and will have to have their antennas realigned to the Peregian Beach transmitter.

If you have had poor or worse no signal in the past then you may very well be able to now receive perfect digital tv signal - hooray welcome to the Digital Age :)

Call me The Antenna Man on 0402 246 076 if you have any questions regarding this are any digital reception question you may have.

The Antenna Man (qld) Pty ltd