HDMI with Ethernet

hdmi cable

Most people nowadays have at least one component connected to their TV with a HDMI cable but very few actually understand just how clever these cables really are. Since version 1.4 was introduced a couple of years ago HDMI cables have been able to deliver Ethernet over the cable.

What does that mean I hear you say.

Most people will be familiar with an Ethernet cable that they use to hook up their computer to their modem, it looks like this:

ethernet cable

All this cable does is it allows internet information the be shared between your computer and the internet. Well before HDMI Cable version 1.4 was introduced, a HDMI cable only really delivered your high definition picture and digital sound from your device to your TV. 

But since version 1.4 was introduced, it now allows Ethernet information to be delivered over the same cable. So what that means in simple terms is. if you have a device such as a DVD player that allows you to access the internet and you have it hard wired to your modem to allow you to watch video content from directly from the internet, your HDMI cable can now deliver that same content directly to your TV in the same format without having to actually hardwire your tv and any other components to the internet. You just need to connect one device to your modem and then connect that to your TV with a Ethernet of HDMI cable.

I hope the above makes sense to you.

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