7 Days to Go

Well here we are, only 7 days to go before the analogue tv signal is turned off on The Sunshine Coast forever. From what I have seen in the field, almost everyone is ready for digital tv. Most people have a tv with a digital tuner inside it already and those than didn't want the expense or couldn't see the sense in throwing away a perfectly good tv have set up a digital set top box which allows them to watch digital tv through an AV input on their old analogue TV.

The only problems I see occuring when they turn off the Anologue signal on The Sunshine Coast on the 28th of May is that there are still some black spots around the area where people mostly watch digital TV but now and then revert back to analogue if they are getting interference on the digital picture.

If you are in one of these spots the give em call and we can arrange a time to come out and complete a site inspection. With all the new digital tv transmitters up and running on The Sunshine Coast now, we will most likely be able fix any signal issues you may be having.

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