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TV Wall Mount Noosa

wall mount tv noosa

Another happy customer. Wall mounted a 52” TV in Noosa with Bose Surround Sound System in time for Christmas.

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HDMI with Ethernet

hdmi cable

Most people nowadays have at least one component connected to their TV with a HDMI cable but very few actually understand just how clever these cables really are. Since version 1.4 was introduced a couple of years ago HDMI cables have been able to deliver Ethernet over the cable.

What does that mean I hear you say.

Most people will be familiar with an Ethernet cable that they use to hook up their computer to their modem, it looks like this:

ethernet cable

All this cable does is it allows internet information the be shared between your computer and the internet. Well before HDMI Cable version 1.4 was introduced, a HDMI cable only really delivered your high definition picture and digital sound from your device to your TV. 

But since version 1.4 was introduced, it now allows Ethernet information to be delivered over the same cable. So what that means in simple terms is. if you have a device such as a DVD player that allows you to access the internet and you have it hard wired to your modem to allow you to watch video content from directly from the internet, your HDMI cable can now deliver that same content directly to your TV in the same format without having to actually hardwire your tv and any other components to the internet. You just need to connect one device to your modem and then connect that to your TV with a Ethernet of HDMI cable.

I hope the above makes sense to you.

If you are on The Sunshine Coast and you need any assistance with hard wiring your smart TV or other internet ready devices to your modem please give me a call and I will be happy to make a time to come and see you to discuss your options.

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7 Days to Go

Well here we are, only 7 days to go before the analogue tv signal is turned off on The Sunshine Coast forever. From what I have seen in the field, almost everyone is ready for digital tv. Most people have a tv with a digital tuner inside it already and those than didn't want the expense or couldn't see the sense in throwing away a perfectly good tv have set up a digital set top box which allows them to watch digital tv through an AV input on their old analogue TV.

The only problems I see occuring when they turn off the Anologue signal on The Sunshine Coast on the 28th of May is that there are still some black spots around the area where people mostly watch digital TV but now and then revert back to analogue if they are getting interference on the digital picture.

If you are in one of these spots the give em call and we can arrange a time to come out and complete a site inspection. With all the new digital tv transmitters up and running on The Sunshine Coast now, we will most likely be able fix any signal issues you may be having.

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New Digital TV Transmitter for Peregian Beach

Great News for everyone living in the Peregian Springs, Weyba Downs, Peregian Beach area plus all the areas north of Peregian up to Noosa Junction.

The new Digital TV transmitter was erected in Peregian beach last week and actually got activated pretty much straight away. I realigned my first antenna to the new transmitter yesterday the 30th of April and I have one very happy customer who hasn't had any tv signal for many years in the Peregian area.

If you are in any of these areas and you have had good reception in the past then you should find no difference and you don't have to do anything. Although some people have had some interference from the new transmitter and will have to have their antennas realigned to the Peregian Beach transmitter.

If you have had poor or worse no signal in the past then you may very well be able to now receive perfect digital tv signal - hooray welcome to the Digital Age :)

Call me The Antenna Man on 0402 246 076 if you have any questions regarding this are any digital reception question you may have.

Sunshine Coast Digital TV Switch Over on 28th May

Today the Minister for Communication made a statement asking residents of The Sunshine Coast to get ready for the Digital Switch Over.

"On 28 May 2013 the Brisbane switchover region, including the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, will become the tenth region in Australia to switch to digital-only free-to-air TV," Senator Conroy said.

"Many people in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast are already getting the benefits of digital TV, with around 92 per cent of households across the region already making the switch.

"For most people, switching to digital TV is straightforward. You can either connect a set-top box or digital TV recorder to an existing analog TV or upgrade to a digital TV, which has a built-in digital tuner.

"If you have already made the switch to digital TV, it's a good time to make sure your family and friends are digital-ready before analog TV is switched off on 28 May 2013.

"The Australian Government is also providing assistance to help people get ready for digital television.

"The Household Assistance Scheme and the Satellite Subsidy Scheme provide practical help to eligible households to make the switch to digital TV. Both schemes are now open, and people can check their eligibility by calling the Department of Human Services on 1800 55 64 43," Senator Conroy said.

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